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Izea is the company that runs different websites, for earning money through tweeting, blog posts and links posts to name a few. I have signed up with a few of these companies and they are okay. Though there is no customer service to speak of when there is a problem, there is a message board, but from what I can tell most problems are not resolved or are never answered by other users. So they are not a very user friendly company to deal with.

Sponsored Tweeting is where you link your Twitter account to the site and posts Tweets to your Twitter page that are paid for and sponsored by companies and clients. This one is the easiest to use and works the best. You can see the offers before accepting them and what they offer pays. Some are a flat rate, while others are based on how many clicks are received and some a combination of both. You don't have to Tweet it either, simply fill out the Tweet and Sponsored Tweets sends it out for you. If you have a huge following on Twitter, this may actually make a decent amount of money with the Tweets. The Tweets are open that they are sponsored, so there is no deception there.

Social Spark

SocialSpark.com is a site where you add your blog and can look at the available offers to post to your blog. It's kind of a social networking site also. Some offers are flat rate blog posts, while others are affiliate programs that you join and add to your blog. I added my blog, but the site is kinda confusing and if your blog is not that old or you don't have a huge following, the available work is all affiliate programs. Which I am not too interested in doing, I want writing/blog work, not trying to sell products. However, it may be worth while for people that have a lot of followers on their blog and there are offers that match the blog as well.


Sponzai.com is a site that you enter your blog to and then wait for offers. The more popular your blog is, the higher page ranking and number of followers you have, the more offers you may get. I signed up here and have not received any offers as of yet. There is a flat rate pay per post site. It's really easy to sign up and use. We'll see what happens with it.

Pay Per Post
PayPerPost.com is pretty much identical to Sponzai, just a different name. Same thing, add your blog or blogs and wait for offers. I have only done a few posts on here. It's okay, but this site and Sponzai are hard to post to in the sense that adding the links do not always work and or their system can not see the links for one reason or another. Not really worth it so far.

In Post Links

InPostLinks.com is where you add your blog and post in post links in the blog posting. Again, it's easy to sign up with them, but getting their system to see the links in the post doesn't always work. Also, the pay is super low. A 200 word posts with in post links, only pays $.50 to a $1.00. Not really worth the time, however if you have a high page rank on your blog and lots of followers, than there may be better paying jobs available.

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