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Putting Together Your Own Geocaching Kit

When it comes to putting together a geocaching kit, you will have a lot of options. First, you have to decide which type to put together. The type you put together, will depend on what you like to do and the other interests the people you will be geocaching with as well. There are three popular geocaching kits that you can put together, these include: Traditional - This is when you put together a cache, hide it and record the coordinates for the other players to locate. You can add in puzzles or clues as well for people to figure out the coordinates as well. Multicache - This is when you still hide the cache, but it is harder to find, since you will use landmarks and other coordinates that have to be figured out first, before a person can find the cache. There are clues created that lead from one clue to the next and so one. Virtual - This is when you choose a spot or place, landmark or other location as the cache. You still can create clues that lead to the spot. Once you have chosen your location, you will need to hide your geocache. Choosing the location of the geocache is almost the most important part. It is a large part of the fun of geochaching. So, you can choose an area that you know and know well, so choosing a place to hide the geocache is easier. The geocache can be hidden anywhere, woods, streets, urban locations, etc. Also, keep in mind it does need to be hidden well enough so that non geocachers will not accidentally find it as well. Now that you have chosen a location, you may also be wondering what to put in it adn how to put it together. To put the item in the geocache, you will need a air tight and water tight container that can handle wear and tear. You will want to place inside of the container, a log book for recording caches. Finders will put their name, date, time and what happened to find the cache. There should be pencils in there, as well as trinket items, such as prizes, toys, miscellaneous small items. This is so the cachers have a souvenir of the geocache. Everything should fit inside the container and there should be some extra room too, so that the first person that finds it can take out an item and put one back in. There is also the option of adding a geocoin to the cache. These can be tracked on a website to show the progress of the geocache and the journey the coin has taken, as it has been removed from one geocache and placed in another one. Now you have the geocache created, you have picked the location and now you have to hide. Try to hide it when no one is around and watching, since you do not want it stolen. You also have to make sure that the geocachers find it, but that non geocahcers will not find it. Make sure to record the coordinates and you are ready to start the geocaching.

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Mason said...

I'm on preparation to make out my first Geocaching hunting. I was looking for some helpful suggestions and thankfully discovered here. No doubt this hide and seek play will be fun and whatever lessons I toughed from here will come in handy to progress well in caching. Thanks.

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