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About Flat Screen TVs

As technology has been changing and advancing, flat screen TVs have been too. Many of the flat screens that are available now have features that allow for connecting them to computers and using them as the computer too. The technology has advanced greatly and knowing what to look for in a flat screen TV is more important than ever. You do not want to buy a TV that will only perform half the functions that you want it to or that you have to upgrade regularly. Types Of Flat Screen TVs There are two types of flat screen TVs available. These are Plasma and LCD. Plasmas have HDTV resolutions and come in sizes that are 37 inches or larger, up to 65 inches typically. They can go as large as even 150 inches as well. They range in price from $800 to $1,500. However, the 65 inch models can be as high as $5,000 to $7,000. The LCD models usually are usually anywhere from 15 inches to 65 inches in size and many times these will have tuners and speakers built into them. These have a price range that is slightly less than the Plasmas, but still around the same ball park, depending on the features, size and make and model of the TV. Important Aspects To Look For In Flat Screen TVs Whether you are looking to buy a Plasma or LCD TV there are some important features you want to look for. These are: Contrast ratio in terms of how bright and how dark the light is on the display at the same time. Aspect ratio when looking at the TV height and the TV width. Video inputs since this will determine what you can use with the TV. These can include: Composite S-Video Component VGA or Video Graphics Array DVI or Digital Video Interface HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI CEC Resolution should be 1080p or higher. The screen size when it comes to the distance from TV to the couch or main viewing area and how high on the wall it will be too.​ Somewhat Important Aspects To Look For In Flat Screen TVs Next are the features that important, but are not as detrimental as the above. These are: Built in tuners are a nice feature to have when using a TV for analog and digital cable too. How fast the TV refreshes and displays an image on the screen. The faster is refreshes the better usually. However, it as long as it has a standard refresh rate, this is fine for most viewing and programs that are watched on TV. Minor Features In Flat Screen TVs Lastly, there are features that though nice are not necessary. If you can have them on the TV you purchase, than great, but you do not have to have them to view a great picture and have your TV work the way you want it to. These are: 24p input is when the output matches the frame original production of a movie or show. Ethernet ports. These can be useful connecting the TV to the internet, but if you have no intention of doing this, than they are not needed. USB ports that can be used for connecting flash drives that have files, music and other information on them, as well as upgrading the TVs operating system too. Comb filters are not needed when a TV already has HDTV. They are only needed for analog reception and even then they are not necessary.

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