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Creative And Fun Ways To Reward Your Little Girl :)

With potty training, a child receiving rewards is a great way to keep them motivated and wanting to use the potty. They can visually see that they are achieving going to the bathroom on the potty and than it is fun for them too. There are different rewards that work with every child. It will really depend on what your daughter responds too. So it may take trying a few different things to see what she likes best. However, you can also use a combination of rewards too to keep her motivated and the potty training always fun and interesting as well. Some different fun and creative rewards to use include: Let your daughter help to make a treasure chest that can be placed in the bathroom. Here she can put inside there small toys and trinkets to choose from each time she uses the potty. These do not have to be expensive, but can be pieces of jewelry, such as rings, bracelets and necklaces, stickers, small animals, such as dinosaurs or butterflies, small cars or little dolls even. Anything that she likes and likes to collect can be used. Have a potty training calendar on the wall that she can add stickers too every time she goes potty on the toilet. There are a range of calendars that can be used and stickers can be added to them so she can see her progress. The potty training calendars can also be used so that say every time she goes potty on the toilet 7 days in a row, she receives a different reward, such as a special toy she wanted or an extra trip to her favorite restaurant or something of that nature. The calendars a great to keep track of her success and than give added rewards for consecutive days of success too. Have toilet decals added inside the toilet so that the image changes every time she uses the potty or it plays music. These are not permanent and can be removed easily and changed whenever you like. Is she enjoys music, there are potty seats that play music every time she goes to the bathroom. These are great since they are a security item too, to make her feel comfortable when she is using the bathroom as well. These come in a range of choices and colors to choose from, as well as patterns and designs too. Let her choose her potty training pants and big girl panties. These are great motivators, since many times children do not want to soil their special panties or underwear that they have with their favorite characters on them. There are also potty training reward certificates that can be used so when she achieves going on her own the first time she gets one and when she goes again maybe 7 days in a row she receives one. You can also use them to motivate her to use the bathroom alone or when she progresses from the potty seat to the big potty as well.

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