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How Do I Know She Is Ready? Signs Of Readiness

It can be hard to tell as a parent sometimes to know when your daughter is ready to start potty training. This is a big step in any child's life and as parents it can also be hard to watch our little ones grow up too. They are no longer babies and they are becoming toddlers and big kids. Potty training is the next natural step in the growing up process for your daughter to go through. But again, it can be difficult to know for sure when to start potty training her and when she is ready to begin. However, there are some tell tale signs to look for in your daughter to know that you can begin potty training and getting her ready to be potty trained too. Signs of readiness in your daughter to look for are: Your daughter has begun to ask questions about the bathroom. She may want to know what happens in the bathroom, why people use it, what the sink is for and similar questions. She may be wanting to go in there with you or other family members as well. Such as following you to the bathroom, asking questions while you are going and then wanting to flush the toilet for you or washing her hands afterwards as well. She no longer is comfortable with being in a wet or soiled diaper. She wants to be changed as soon as she has gone and does not like to stay in it any longer. She will be very aware when she has gone or even when she is going to go. She is showing signs of recognizing when she needs to go or when she will be going now. She helps with changing herself. She may bring you the diapers and baby wipes or get up on the changing table herself if she can. She may take you to the changing table when she has gone and wants you to change her now. There also may be questions when you are changing her too or she may want to help change herself. She is able to put a diaper on and take one off. If she has this type of dexterity, than she is ready to be potty trained, since she can do these things herself and wants to as well. She stays dry for extended periods of time. She no longer wakes up wet from naps or even sleeps through the entire night without going. She no longer goes when on car trips or stays dry when away from home too. When your daughter is showing some or all of these signs, than you know she is ready to begin potty training. You can start with pre-potty training, such as talking about starting to use the potty, watching potty training videos and reading potty training books, as well as getting a potty training doll and letting her practice with that too. Than you can choose a start date and let her know that is when she will go from wearing diapers to using the toilet instead.

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