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How To Potty Train A Girl If You Are A Single Dad

Even though you are a single father, you can still potty train your daughter. It really is not that different when it comes to potty training a boy or girl. Actually the good news is that with girls, they are only taught to sit, so there is no teaching to stand and sit when it comes to potty training your daughter, which does make that easier. However, you will still need to make sure that there are some items that you have on hand, to make the potty training process much easier. These include: A potty chair and potty step stool. She needs to feel comfortable and secure when using the bathroom, as well as being able to easily reach the toilet. Potty chairs are hte perfect size for children and they are low to the ground too. The potty step stool is so that she can reach the sink after going to wash her hands too. Potty training pants are needed also. Teh diapers need to gone and she needs to only be in potty training pants instead. These come in a range of colors and patterns to choose from and they are also available in waterproof style or waterproof covers can be put over them in case there is an accident. A potty doll is great to teach your daughter with, as well as she can keep it with her when using the bathroom too. The potty training dolls are perfect for model potty training, so she can see what is suppose to happen and practice with it as well. They are great security items and she can play with the doll even when she is not using the potty too. Potty training books and videos are great visual aids to use so that your daughter can see other girls her own age using the potty and that it is nothing to be scared of. She can see what other children are doing and see that that is what she will be doing soon as well. The books are fun and the videos many times have great songs in them as well to help teach her, as well as being fun to sing too. You can also use potty rewards such as stickers, trinkets, potty calendars and potty decals too to keep your daughter interested and motivated as well. These are perfect to give as rewards, as well as stickers can be placed on the calendar so she can see her progress and success also. The potty decals are fun and can be placed in the toilet, on the toilet and on the walls even so that she feels safe when using the bathroom, as well as it is fun to go than too. Part of potty training is letting a child see others use the bathroom, just like in the books and videos. She can watch you use the bathroom still and this will not confuse her in anyway if you stand to pee and she sits to pee. She can also watch grandmothers, aunts, cousins or even other siblings too to see them go to the bathroom as well.

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