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Knowing Your Child's Currency (Rewards)

Potty training is a fun and exciting time for parents and children. There is a lot to learn, but your son or daughter is also growing up and learning to control their environment a little more, by learning to go potty on the toilet. It also means there are so many more things that they can do too, once they are potty trained. However, trying to figure out how to potty train your son or daughter is not always simple and every child is different adn reacts differently to the potty training process. But something that does work with pretty much every child is using potty training rewards for when they successfully go potty on the toilet. These are great to use to keep kids motivated adn wanting to go potty. Every time they go, they are rewarded for going. They receive a treat of some sort or something that visually shows them that they succeed and getting these rewards helps make them want to keep going to get the reward each time. However, which rewards will work with your child will vary. This is where knowing what your child's reward currency is is very important. You know your child best, so you will want to choose rewards that will work for them. What works with one child, may not work with another, so you want to choose items or rewards that your child will enjoy and that will help keep your child motivated too. It may take a couple of trial and errors to figure this out and determine what works best for your child when it comes to motivating them and keeping them interested in potty training. For instance, some children respond to small trinkets they receive each time they use the potty. Kind of like when kids go to the doctor or dentist office and get to pick a prize from a treasure box when they are done. It is the same thing with potty training, some children love choosing a small toy, trinket, stickers or anything else each time they use the potty successfully. Other children respond better to potty calendar that they can put stickers on every time they go and can keep track of their progress or a dry erase board can be used in the same way to mark off the child's progress. Furthermore, some children like having toilet targets to aim at when they go pee or toilet decals that the image changes when they go potty in the toilet. Also, keep in mind that you may need to use a combination of rewards with your child to keep them interested. Changing things up occasionally if your child loses interest in things quickly or just likes having different rewards all the time. Either way, knowing their currency when it comes to rewards will give you a better understanding of what will work and how to go about potty training your child. You will want to think about what they like, their personality and what motivates them with even other things in their life.

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