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So, having to post all the work that was stolen from me last year. It sounds so stupid too to say it, that though I had a contract with someone they simply did not pay and being that I am self employed/independent contractor, there is not a lot I can do when it comes to intellectual property. Unfortunately there really are not a lot of rules at all when it comes to intellectual property and being able to do anything about it when you are not paid for your work. I have tried to protect myself in so many ways from that happening and covering all the basis, but in the end it did not make a difference. So Happy Valentine's Day to me, I get to work and post work that was stolen. Crappy day, but at least I am almost done. Realized working for myself and building a residual income was really the only true way to make money as a writer. Making a living as a writer is not that bad or that hard in a lot of ways. It is a lot of work, like any job, but there are no guarantees there and that is the problem with it. It is dealing with people that have no business ethics and want everything for free too. I guess that is really how all of corporate America really is though any longer. Companies want people to work for less and less and do more and more and than even not pay them their benefits or pensions too. It's what made me decide to work for myself on a residual income, there are no longer loyalty to employees and companies have become more and more greedy. Even months where I have not made as much, I still made more than minium wage, working 40 plus hours a week though. Kinda sad really that companies have reduced people to poverty through greed and even when trying to work with other small businesses and individual to create content, product descriptions, sales ad, articles or anything else written they turn around and behave in the same manner because greed gets the best of them. I always kinda feel like if they think it is so easy to write and do it, than they should do it than, since it is so easy and they do not want to pay for it. Yet, there they are needing to hire people to do it because they can't, but they don't want to pay, since it is not tangible in the same way as other services, they can not see or feel the return in the same way or they do not think it is really worth anything, even though they have to pay others to do the writing, drafting, editing, creating for them. Blaaaggghhhh....okay enough of all that. Frustrated, Valentine's Day and this stinks. But every Valentine's Day stinks though, even when I was married, so why I continue to hope and dream of anything different I have no idea. Back to work and posting.

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