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Top 10 Potty Training Products You Need

If you are ready to start potty training and so is your daughter, than there are definitely some potty training products that you will want to have on hand. These are a necessity in many ways, as well as they will make potty training so much easier too. The top 10 potty training products to have and that you need are: A potty chair or potty seat for your child to use. They need to be able to easily reach the toilet and be comfortable too when going. Potty chairs are low to the ground and the perfect height for children when they are learning to potty train. If your child is taller and can reach the big toilet, but is still too small to really sit on it, than there are also potty seats that are placed on the toilet. These make the opening the right size for children and usually handles on them too so that they feel secure when going. A potty step stool is also needed. This can be used with the potty seat that is on the toilet to make sure that your child can easily get on and off the toilet, as well as the potty stool is needed so that they can reach the sink as well. Part of potty training is developing good hygiene in the bathroom also and they need to be able to wash their hands each time they have gone. Potty training pants. These can be waterproof or have a waterproof cover to put over them, but either way you have to switch to these completely and get rid of the diapers all together. You do not want any diapers in the house or your child wearing them, since this can be confusing and they will want to wear the diapers instead, since it is what they are used to and already know too. A travel potty seat or chair. Since taking the full size one with is not convenient or easy and you can not stay at home all the time while potty training, having a travel potty seat to use is the perfect option. You can continue to potty train your child no matter where you are at or what you are doing. Potty books, DVDs and/or CDs to help teach your child about potty training. These are perfect to use so that your child can see other children their age using the potty. It is a great way for them to not be fearful of the toilet and see how fun it can be to use the potty too. Potty rewards of some sort. This can be stickers, trinkets, a potty calendar or potty chart, toilet targets or anything else that makes potty training fun and motivates your child to keep using the toilet too. A potty doll to practice with. Your child can use it to practice with on the toilet, as well as play with it and take it with them when they go to the bathroom too. A waterproof bed cover so that when nighttime accidents happen, there is not as much of a mess to clean up, as well as it is protecting the mattress too. A potty watch to help remind them and teach them when to go to the bathroom. These are great as a teaching tool so that your child remembers to go and it is fun for them to wear and hear go off when it is time to use the bathroom. Bathroom decals to make the bathroom a fun place to be. These easily go on and off the walls and come in a variety of characters, pictures, colors and patterns to choose from so your child can pick their favorites.

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