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What Foods Burn Fat

If you are looking to try and lose weight and get in shape, then there are some foods that you will want to add to your diet. Since these foods burn fat and will increase your metabolism as well. Milk - Calcium helps trigger the metabolism and will help to burn fat too. Whole Grain Cereal - There are complex carbs and fiber in whole grain cereal and this increases metabolism, as well as keeping insulin low as well. Oats - These are heavy in fiber, which also increases the metabolism and it also breaks down slowly in the body, which means insulin stays lower. Jalapenos - There is capsaicin in these and they help increase the heart rate and boost the metabolism also. These are also perfect for a snack, since eating small snacks throughout the day, also is a way for foods burn fat. Habaneros - These are hot chili peppers and they also burn fat too by speeding up the metabolism. Cayenne Chiles - Adding this ingredient to one meal a day will help to burn fat and boost the metabolism. Green Tea - Increases the brain functions and nervous system as well. These will help you to burn calories because of the caffeine in it. Chicken - Chicken has extra proteins that speed up the metabolism and you burn more calories as well by eating chicken once a day. Coffee - There is caffeine in coffer and this increases the heart rate and burns more calories. You can drink hot, iced or even mocha coffee and all will do this. Pork - Pork is high in protein and it is harder for your body to digest, this burning more calories when you eat it. However, make sure it is lean pork that is eaten. Salmon - There is Omega 3 fatty acids in fish and this helps to decrease your leptin in your system. Low levels of leptin burns more calories than. Lean Beef - This is another food that is high in protein and thus you burn more calories when you eat it. However, it does need to be lean beef with very little fat in it. Tuna - Tuna also decreases leptin levels in the body and thus helps speed up the metabolism and burn more calories. Turkey - This is a lean protein that boosts the metabolism. Remove any skin from the turkey to reduce the fat further and it can be cooked and used similar to chicken and lean beef too. Sardines - Sardines have high levels of fish oil that helps to reduce fat in the system and lose weight by eating at least one to two times a week. These foods burn fat and can easily be incorporated in to any diet on a weekly basis. Adding these will make a huge difference when it comes to loosing weight and gaining lean muscle as well. Working out and exercising, while eating these will give you the energy that you need, while allowing your body to burn more calories and speed up your metabolism too. There are many recipes these foods can be used in, as well as eaten as snacks throughout the day. Not to mention that as you gain muscle, your body will have to continue to work harder to keep the muscle, which means that the muscles will replace the fat as well in the body. Not to mention too that all these foods are very good for you and have additional health benefits as well that will help you in every day life to make you feel better and feel more fit too.

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