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When To Start Potty Training Girls

If you have a daughter, you may be wondering when to begin the potty training process with her. There is no right age in general. Children start as young as a year old and go all the way up to three years old too and sometimes even four years old, if there are other physical or mental considerations to take into account. It will really depend more on your daughter as to when to begin potty training. You will have signs to look for, as well as if there are other considerations too, such as going to daycare or care givers home and needing to be potty trained as well. This also includes starting preschool as well and needing to have your daughter potty trained to start school. These can be some of the biggest reasons to start potty training, when it comes to starting school or daycare of some sort and needing to have your daughter potty trained already since schools typically do not take children unless they are potty trained first. If you have waited till this time, you can still have your daughter potty trained in time. There are methods to use to make sure that your child learns toilet training and that it is still an enjoyable experience too. Waiting till this time will take a little more work on your part, as well as more patience too, since you are having to potty train your daughter a little faster than maybe what you would have done. However, there are methods to use to make this happen quickly and have her ready to start school on time. However, if you are looking for signs to know when to start and maybe you want to get started sooner if possible, than some signs to look for include: She is questioning you when you use the bathroom. She wants to know what you are doing and what is happening. She may want to be in there with you when you use the bathroom or when others are going too. She is showing a curiosity towards the bathroom that she was not showing before. She is no longer having any accidents when she takes a nap. She stays dry for extended periods of time and seems to almost hold it on her own to not have an accident. If her diaper is staying dry throughout the night as well. She asks to be changed when she does go. She is very uncomfortable with having a wet or soiled diaper on and asks you to change her. Maybe she goes to the changing table on her own or she gets the diapers and baby wipes out even for you. She is helping with changing herself and asking questions when you change her. She wants to know what you are doing and what is happening. If your daughter is showing some or all of these signs, than she is ready to start the potty training process. She is mature enough and able to communicate to you what she wants and needs too, which can make potty training so much easier than as well.

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