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Whynter WC-211DZ Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler, 21 Bottle Capacity, Stainless Steel Door With Trimmed Glass and Black Cabinet

Whynter, 21 Bottle Capacity, Wine Cooler, Dual Temperature, Stainless Steel, Black Cabinet ​​Description: The Whynter wine cooler, is a dual temperature cooler that offers two different temperature settings for the different types of wine that you have. The design is sophisticated and sleek, as well as being high quality too. The dual temperature wine cooler will cool up to 21 bottles of wine easily, as well as being able to store them too. The two different temperature zones are split between the top and the bottom of the wine cooler. You will be able to fit 6 bottles of wine in the top area and there is room for 15 bottles of wine in the bottom area. The top is the colder of the two sections also. The dual temperature zone wine cooler is vibration free, so you never have to worry about the sediment in the wine being ruined and it is using thermoelectric cooling to do this. The thermoelectric cooling system also ensures that your wine will always be at the exact temperature every time. This also includes regulating the humidity levels too for your wine, without causing any damage to wine, no matter what the age is. There are no moving parts on the cooling system and it is CFC free as well. So, the wine cooler is very quiet and last a long time, as well as being environmentally friendly too. One of our customers, Cmarc2, that purchased this dual temperature wine cooler has found that it is perfect when it comes to cooling their wine. Their wine is always perfectly cooled every time and the unit has worked exactly as it states. They found it to be extremely quiet and efficient and they enjoy have the two different temperatures zones to store their wine in. They are able to keep their white and red wines in the unit, both at the exact temperatures they are suppose to be at. They also love how it looks too. Another customer, Grant Savage, that purchased this dual temperature wine cooler found that it was very easy to install and they were able to get it leveled correctly too. They did find they need to measure exactly to ensure that there was enough clearance behind it and above it to make sure that it fit right. They are able to fit the larger bottles or strange shaped bottles in the unit by removing the shelving when necessary. They feel they can hear it occasionally and that it does run all the time. However, so far they are very happy with it and it is fitting their needs too. ​Product features: There is an adjustable thermostat There is the upper zone that can be set from 44F to 66F The lower zone can be set from 50F to 66F There is a LCD display that is easy to read to see the temperatures for both zones The unit uses solid state components The only moving parts are fans when they are circulating air There is a interior LED light with an on and off switch The shelves are stainless steel trimmed and chrome The shelves are removable ​Product details: Item model number: WC-211DZ ASIN: B003URQGFI Product dimensions: 21.7 x 13.4 x 32.5 inches Shipping weight: 58 pounds Shipping: U.S. and APO/FPO addresses Average costumer rating: Excellent ​Summary: The Whynter WC-211DZ Dual Temperature Zone Wine Cooler, 21 Bottle Capacity, Stainless Steel Door With Trimmed Glass and Black Cabinet offers an LCD display to make sure that your wine is always cooled precisely and the two areas to store different wines in. The unit is quiet and also vibration free too, so that none of your wine will ever be ruined when being cooled and stored in it.

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