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Cuisinart CWC-800 Private Reserve, 8 Bottle Capacity, Wine Cellar In A Stainless Steel Finish

Cuisinart, 8 Bottle Capacity, Private Reserve, Stainless Steel Finish, Wine Cellar ​​Description: The Cuisinart 8 bottle capacity wine cellar is considered a private reserve unit that is very compact and is perfect for a variety of wines to be placed in it. It can hold whites, reds and champagnes too, while all the while keeping them chilled to the perfect temperatures. The Cuisinart private reserve wine cellar will keep the precise cooling temperature at all times and will hold up to 8 bottles of wine in varying sizes. The bouquet, body and flavor will be preserved every time in every bottle of wine that you own. There is a touch pad added that is electronic and you are able to change and set the temperature as need be. The temperature can be set between 39 degrees and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The touch pad that is electronic is very precise and has a LED display in blue to make it easy to see and read. There is also a thermoelectric cooling system in the unit that will ensure that the temperature holds correctly and that the unit is quiet and efficient too. The wine cellar has a stainless steel finish and the viewing window is double paned glass. Your wine cellar will be efficient and store your wine in style too. There is an interior light that is soft and has an on and off switch as well. The inside of the wine cellar has four chrome and contoured wine racks to hold bottles that are 750 milliliters to 1500 milliliter bottles. The height is adjustable using the feet of the unit and there is a three year warranty too. One of our customers, Poet Lovers Wine, that purchased the Cuisinart wine cellar was giving it as a gift to a family member and the sister loves it. It fits perfectly on the counter and it is very quiet too. They have found that it is very quiet and forget that it is even there most times, except for the blue LED temperature gage. Also, it looks very sleek and fits in well with the stainless steel design. Another customer, Ned Stevens, that purchased the wine cellar has enjoyed it very much. They found that it held it's temperature perfectly. However, they have noticed that the fan that is inside does seem to be working harder than before and the temperature has started to vary on it. They have had it for over a year now and nothing else has happened with it and it is still working okay. They find that their wine is chilled and that the unit is better than other wine cellars that are in the same price range. ​Product features: Brushed stainless steel Can hold up to 8 bottles of wine There is a thermoelectric cooling system There is no noise It has low power consumption There is an electronic touch pad There is a LED display in blue to clearly see the temperature at all times Has an interior light with an on and off switch Has four chrome and contoured shelves on the inside The shelves are removable to hold different sizes of wine Product details: Item model number: CWC-800 ASIN: B001NGO28G Product dimensions: 10.4 x 17.4 x 20.7 inches Shipping weight: 26 pounds Shipping: U.S. and APO/FPO addresses Average costumer rating: Excellent Summary: The Cuisinart CWC-800 Private Reserve, 8 Bottle Capacity, Wine Cellar In A Stainless Steel Finish is a very compact, counter top wine cellar that will hold up to 8 bottles of wine at the perfect temperature all the time. The shelves are removable so that you can fit different sized wines inside and the unit is very quiet and efficient too.

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