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Sigma 70-300mm APO Macro f/4-5.6 DG Motorized Zoom Lens, With Telephoto For SLR Nikon Cameras

Sigma, Zoom Lens, SLR Nikon, Motorized Zoom, Telephoto Description: the Sigma 70-300mm has the tel-macro function on it to make telephoto zoom even more functional. The lens is optimized specifically for digital cameras. The telephoto lens makes it ideal to use with SLR digital cameras. The lens offers a SLD glass and there is two of them that are in the front of the lens. There is also another one in the rear of the group of lens too. The maximum magnification is 1:2 when the length focally is 300mm. The lens is perfect when you want to take sports, nature, portrait and other types of shots too. There is also a coating on the lens to help with reducing the flare and ghosting affect that can happen. You will have the multi lens coating on the lens to reduce these occurrences that many times happen with a digital camera. This means that you will have the optimum picture quality through an entire zoom shot that you are taking. The minimum focal length you can get is 70 millimeters and the maximum focal length you can get is 300 millimeters. You will have a focal range of 37.4 inches and the rear angle view is 34.3. The lens weighs in at only 1.2 pounds and the display diameter is 3 inches, while the length is only 5 inches. ​ One of our customers, C. Hall, finds that the lens is very fast, versatile and sharp too. They feel that for the price it is a great lens to use to avoid having to spend more money on a more expensive version, when this lens gives you everything you need. They have been able to take many photographs and have exception pictures come out every time. Also, they have multiple modes on the lens and they felt that all of these have worked exceptionally well. Another customer, Ken Sheppardson, who also purchased this lens does a lot of action shots of children and he has found it to be very heavy and loud to use. He also feels it is very long and cumbersome to use. He also did not feel he could close enough to his objects without the lens moving in and out. However, he feels for still shots and small objects it probably works very well. Product Features: 14 elements in the lens 10 groups with the elements The angle view is 34.3-8.2 degrees There is SLD glass It can take a range of shots and images Has telephoto zoom Product Details: Item Model Number: 5A8306 ASIN: B0012X61U2 Product Dimensions: 3 x 4.8 x 3 inches Shipping Weight: 2 pounds Shipping: U.S and APO/FPO adresses Average costumer rating: Excellent​ Summary: The Sigma 70-300mm APO Macro f/4-5.6 DG Motorized Zoom Lens, With Telephoto For SLR Nikon Cameras offers a range of shooting options to fit any needs you are looking for. It is a very functional lens, especially because of the telephoto lens and the tel-macro function as well. It has been designed with optimum features in mind for digital cameras.

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